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Trinidad and Tobago has named a team of 62 athletes for the 2022 U23 Caribbean Games.

T&T will compete in athletics, basketball, cycling, futsal, netball, and swimming at the event which is scheduled for 29 June to 3 July in Guadeloupe.

The track and field contingent includes Kion Benjamin and Rae-Ann Serville, with former 400m hurdles world champion Jehue Gordon serving as manager.

Tariq Woods is the sole cyclist selected, and he is accompanied by manager Roger Frontin and mechanic Kevin Tinto.

The futsal team is coached by Paul Decle and includes Che Benny and Isaiah Williams.

Outstanding young swimmers Nikolai Blackman and Ornella Walker are on the swim team for Guadeloupe.

Stacy Santana will serve as Chef de Mission, with Rheeza Grant as deputy chef de mission/Covid-19 liaison officer and Dr. Kourdell Powell.

More than 800 U23 athletes from 29 countries will compete in seven sports at the 2022 Caribbean Games.


ATHLETICS: Jehue Gordon (Athletics Male Manager), Wendell Williams (Coach), Akilah Lewis 100m/relay 4 X 100m, Tamia Badal 100h/relay 4 X 100m , Leah Bertrand 100m/relay 4 X 100m Female, Naomi Campbell 100m/relay 4 X 100m , Rae-Anne Serville 400m/relay 4 X 100m Jaydon Moore 100m/relay 4 X 100m Che Lara 400/relay 4 X 100m, Kion Benjamin 100m/relay 4 X 100m Lorenzo Luces Triple Jump/relay 4 X 100.

BASKETBALL: Addaya Moore Basketball 3x3, Afrika Lewis Basketball 3x3, Breanna Charles Basketball 3x3 Nikiya Baptiste Basketball 3x3, Kern George Basketball 3x3.

CYCLING: Tariq Woods Road Time Trial/Road Race. Roger Frontin (Male Manager/Coach), Kevin Tinto (Mechanic).

FUTSAL: Elijah Shade, Isaiah Williams, Che Benny, Josiah Joseph, Kalev Keil, Omri Baird, Darnell Hospedales, Symron Wiseman, Zion Mc Leod, Delaney Zamore. Brent Elder (Massage Therapist). Paul Decle (Coach).Nigel Roberts (manager).

NETBALL: Katty Ann Graham, Tiana Dillon, Kelelicia George,Tia Bruno, Annabella Augustine,Ebony Williams, Faith Hagley, Akeima Estrada, Rayann Bristol, Rehanna Ali, Nicolette Osbourne , Shaniya Morgan, Keisha Fraser (Massage Therapist), Vanessa Forde (Manager), Sojourner Hyles -Lewis (Coach), Shenice Gittens (Massage Therapist), Simone Morgan (Assistant coach).

SWIMMING: Ornella Walker, Jamia Harley, Nikoli Blackman, Mark-Anthony Beckles, Aqeel Joseph, Mosi Denoon (Coach/Manager).


Author: Vidia Ramphal