altRoland Forde, an executive committee member of the T&T  Football Federation has been retained as president of the Northern Football Association. Forde won a landslide victory at the association’s annual general meeting which was held at the Harvard Sports Club, Serpentine Road, St James  on Monday. He collected 19 votes, with his rival, ex-Strike Squad member Marlon Morris receiving two votes.

Former T&T midfielder Clint Marcelle was elected first vice-president, Ronald  “Hustler” Daniel second vice-president, Dale Tavares assistant secretary administration and Ancil Price, assistant secretary operations. Looking ahead to his fourth term in office which will be another two years, Forde said one of his primary objectives would be to have improved facilities and conditions for the staging of matches. Currently, the association comprises eighteen clubs with a further six clubs in the waiting to join.

“One of our primary aims will be to get the football matches played on smoother, better laid savannah grounds,” Forde said. This will mean us having to ensure better preparation of the facilities and we are also looking into the possibility of staging more matches in the communities that the clubs come from once there can be the assurance that the teams can have good accommodation for the fans and manage them well at the same time. “We will be making efforts to assist in this area. We really want to complete the efforts to ensure we are the best running association.”

“The new committee will also focus on the development of our coaches and players and additional efforts will be made to assist in this aspect of the game. “We will have further discussions regarding our plans at our upcoming meetings.” On a yearly basis, the NFA  stages a league championship, a league knockout, a superstars knockout and a FA trophy competition.

Results of the election of officers

President: Roland Forde 19 votes bt Marlon Morris 2 votes

First vice-president: Clint Marcelle 19 votes bt Roger Watts 2 votes

Second vice-president: Ronald Daniel 18 votes bt Tansley Thompson 3 votes

Asst Secretary Administration:  Dale Tavares 18 votes bt Adrian Perez 2 votes

Asst Secretary Operations: Ancil Price 15 votes bt Ruthven Charles 3 votes