altOVER 2000 cricketers from 21 schools are enrolled in the 2011 Atlantic/WIPA Cricket Development Programme.

Four new schools have joined the WIPA in the Community programme including South Central AC, Granville RC, Cedros Government Primary and Cedros Secondary.

Marlon Grant, Atlantic’s Team Lead Sustainability, praised the initiative and says his company remains committed to developing the next generation of sportsmen and sportswomen in the country.

“WIPA in the Community fits into a number of partnerships in which Atlantic are involved in order to help develop the present and future generations of Trinidad and Tobago. Atlantic want to be more than just a LNG company and we are committed to invest in the next generation of footballers, cricketers, entrepreneurs and innovators of our country,” he said.

Meanwhile, Mark Ramkissoon, Coordinator, WIPA in the Community, noted cricket is not the only focus but the all-round development of participants. “Students in the programme are taught the basic skills of batting, bowling, fielding, catching and wicket-keeping. But they also get the opportunity to demonstrate confidence and a positive attitude in their approach to the game and life in general.

We also teach them skills in decision making, problem solving, coping and conflict resolution,” Ramkissoon explained.

Bernice Felix, Principal of South Central AC, noted her students are excited about the programme and are looking forward to the sessions.

“We do not have a Physical Education programme because of the very small space available to us at the school. But WIPA have shown us how we can use the space we have so that the children can play cricket and learn cricketing skills,” she said.

Felix noted she has already seen improvement in a several students since the start of the programme in September.