The recently concluded $240,000 Flow-sponsored T&T Volleyball Federation Premier Division League has been described as a resounding success by Daymian Stewart, president of the local body.

The four-month old league which served off in February comprised eight men’s teams and six women’s teams, and in the end, Glamorgan was crowned double-champion, led by the tournament’s “‘Most Valuable Players”‘, former France-based national out-side hitter Ryan Stewart and middle-blocker Jalicia Ross-Kydd

Commenting on the league, which was being sponsored for the first time by Flow, Stewart said, “‘I would summarise the League as a resounding success as the objectives we set out were all met and some were even surpassed.”‘

He added: “‘Our 2016 League was able to give us an idea of where we are and how ready we are for the task ahead as our ultimate goal is to develop this league into a Professional League, and whilst a Professional League is nice to have it must be a revenue earner or at the least self-sustainable, but we must admit are not ready yet but definitely on the way to a Professional League.”‘

Stewart noted that due to the long running of the league, it was a burden on man power and this would have to be rectified in the future.

However, he spoke about the many achievements which included having the use of all Government Indoor Facilities, inclusive of the Jean Pierre Complex, Eastern Regional Indoor Sports Arena, Maloney Indoor Facility, Central Regional Indoor Sports Arena, Pleasantville Indoor Sports Arena, Pt Fortin Indoor Sports Facility, and Mayaro Sports Complex.

He added: “‘At all these venues we were able to use the new sport court which in itself was amazing while we had a season packed with 93 matches.”‘

Stewart boasted about the participation of the national development teams, which would be of great assistance to development of the national program while the inclusion of international players was testament to the attraction that is possible for the sport locally.

Stewart also praised Flow for its confidence in the T&TVF. The T&TVF boss said a key part of moving forward will be working with the clubs to ensure that they find sponsors to offset expenses.

Final standings
1. Glamorgan
2. Big SEPos
3. Southern United
4. Technocrats
5. Toco Youths
6. Titans
7. Challengers
8. Defence Force
1. Glamorgan
2. Technocrats
3. Southern United
4. West Side Stars
5. Big SEPos
6. UTT
Most Valuable Player
Men: Ryan Stewart (Glamorgan)
Women: Jalicia Ross-Kydd (Glamorgan)

All Star Team (Men)
Outside Hitters: Marlon Phillip (Technocrats) and Brandon Legall (Big SEPoS)
Middle-Blockers: Kwesi Daniel (Glamorgan) & Akim Bushe (Big SEPoS)
Setter: Kameron Donald (Big SEPoS)
Opposite: Ryan Stewart (Glamorgan)
Libero: Joshua Mohammed (Southern United)
Best Scorer: Ryan Stewart (Glamorgan)
Best Server: Ryan Stewart (Glamorgan)
Best Receiver: Brandon Legall (Big SEPoS)
Best Digger: Joshua Mohammed (Southern United)

Outside Hitters: Kelly Anne Billingy (Technocrats) and Delicia Pierre (West Side Stars)
Middle-Blockers: Jalicia Ross-Kydd (Glamorgan) & Kaylon Cruickshank (Glamorgan)
Setter: Aleah Cumberbatch (Glamorgan)
Opposite: Abby Blackman (Southern United)
Libero: Afesha Olton (UTT)
Best Scorer: Kelly Anne Billingy (Technocrats)
Best Server: Rejanne Wallace (UTT)
Best Receiver: Rheeza Grant (Southern United)
Best Digger: Afesha Olton (UTT)

Presidents Awards – Ten young athletes for the future not awarded above.
Adriel Roberts, Enrique Henry, Nathaniel Noreiga, Clinton Williams, Marley Davidson and Daynte Stewart, Nicollete De Mille, Reanne Young, Latifah Gonzales, Amber Commissiong