TT Triathlon Federation (TTTF) executive member Karen Araujo has been elected to one of two positions available on the Association of Commonwealth Triathlon (ACT) board.

This was revealed in a statement issued by the TTTF on Saturday.

At the ACT meeting, on Thursday, Araujo received more votes (14) than Austalia’s Michelle Cooper (12), Great Britain’s Debbie Clark (11) and Rwanda’s Joie Lea Biosketch (nine).

ACT members were all asked to vote before the meeting.

The statement read, “Karen has worked tirelessly over the past ten years in our beloved sport and deserves all of the recognition that she is being afforded.

"Her dedication to the sport of triathlon in the region and her drive to see further development is unmeasurable. This is a win not just for Trinidad and Tobago but the wider Caribbean as well. We take this time to congratulate Karen on this landmark achievement!”