Paul Hee Houng was on Sunday, elected the new president of the T&T Triathlon Federation (TTTF) at its annual general meeting (AGM) at the Cycling Velodrome in Couva.

Riana Harrinauth will serve as the vice president with Karen Araujo filling the role of secretary.

The rest of the new team include treasurer Kyle Rudden, Vijay Seejattan, the assistant secretart/treasurer, Kiyomi Rankine, the public relations officer (PRO) and Lara Baden-Semper, the trustee.

Hee Houng addressed all in attendance providing a brief description of his background and spoke to the collaborative effort needed by all to keep the Federation moving forward in a positive way.

The TTTF’s members comprises several triathlon clubs across the twin island state, united toward the common goal of advancing the sport, T&T’s triathletes, triathlon coaches, and junior triathletes.

The Federation aims to promote excellence in the sport and, through training camps, workshops, coaching clinics, and other initiatives, create opportunities for all involved to achieve their personal triathlon challenges.

In the most recent development in the sport, the TTTF sent three athletes and a coach to Mexico City, where they were part of a Youth Olympic Games Camp.

In upcoming events, there will be a schools’ series duathlon to be held on the Diego Martin Highway during March, and to end the first quarter, British Triathlon will be in Trinidad from March 26-30 for a coaches camp.