Trinidad and Tobago table tennis team left Piarco this morning for Surat, India via Barbados, London and Delhi to participate in the Table Tennis Commonwealth Championships.

The team consist of Curtis Humphreys,Aaron Wilson, Yuvraaj Dookram, Arun Roopnarine, Aleena Edwards, Linda Partap Boodhan, Catherine Spicer, and Brittany Joseph.

Curtis a sports management degree holder from UTT and a level 3 coach will serve as captain, player and coach whilst Aleena Edwards, msc , also a level 3 coach will be delegate and women team captain.

Aaron Wilson and Yuvraaj Dookram are fresh from a 3 month stint in Sweden whilst the female players have been involved in the recently concluded WASA league.

Just last weekend Linda Partap Boodhan, nominated table tennis sports woman of the year 2015, winner of three of five tournaments in 2015, Catherine Spicer under 21 champion, Under 18 champion Brittany Joseph and eleven time national champion Aleena Edwards finished 1,2,3 and 4 in the RMSL Super Singles.

In the men category of RMSL Super Singles Aaron Wilson was champion. Aaron has been nominated table tennis sportsman of the year for his gold medal performance and podium bronze at the CRTTF junior championships in Puerto Rico and Caribbean Region Senior Championships in Matinique, not far behind in second was Yuvraaj Dookram and talented under 18 standout Arun Roopnarine who helped UTT to win the WASA LEAGUE . Arun finished 3rd in RMSL Super Singles.

This is the same team that finished third in the Region behind powerhouses Cuba and Dominican Republic earlier this year and augurs well for the future with foreign based players indicating desire to play in LATTU championships from 1st to 8th February, 2015.

The Table Tennis Federation of India (TTFI) offered free accommodation internal transport and meals to eight athletes and one delegate of Trinidad and Tobago.

Thanks to the support of TTFI, SPORTT, UTT, FCB and TTOC our athletes will represent the Red, White and Black in India from 16th to 21st Dec. The team returns on 23rd December, 2015.

Stanley Hunte