NETBALL is still one of the most popular female team sports played globally. In Trinidad and Tobago it is no different.

Amanda Cameron has been playing since age 16 at a national level and is a current member of the Trinidad and Tobago National Senior Netball Team. Her involvement in netball started when her mother introduced her to the sport at a very young age. She mentions that in the beginning, “I barely had a choice” but admits she is without regret.

On a competitive level, Amanda started with the Malta Carib Senators Netball Club, but currently plays with the Fire Services Netball Club. She shares that Netball as a sport not only allows her to stay physically active, but the sport itself lends to the teaching of many lessons beneficial to life.

“I have been able to work in teams meeting many new people from around the world,” she said.

Her appointment to national duty has seen her represent the squad in Antigua, Scotland, UK and Australia thus far. Amanda is currently employed and completing a BSc in Human Ecology, but still aspires to become a permanent fixture on the team. To remain on top of her game, she is well aware that she is required to stay physically active and fit. This is a sacrifice she considers very worthwhile.

The opportunities for playing netball stem from the fact that the sport is played in over eighty countries. Globally the sport is currently administered by The International Netball Federation (INF).

Here in TT, the Trinidad and Tobago Netball Association Inc (TTNA) are the administrators.

Established since 1949, the TTNA’s main goal is to have organised netball among young women. In so doing, the TTNA has created many programmes across the country intended to strengthen netball and build local communities.

Netball in Trinidad and Tobago is a leading female sport, and it is felt that the sport can contribute to society by developing all round female citizens, “who not only lead healthy lifestyles, but also display the qualities of a true Trinbagonian woman”.

Amanda confirms that “TT needs to get the young ones involved from an early age by introducing attractive programs to encourage playing”. All towards bringing TT back to the number ONE spot in international competition.

A position held briefly at one point in the country’s history.

In the case of Amanda, to achieve balance she also states that “I love taking part in outdoor activities such as hiking and going to the beach.” However, in her drive to succeed, she meanwhile will continue to juggle staying active in the sport, furthering her studies at the tertiary level and being employed full time.

Humility, she believes, is also important as she pursues success in the sport she loves.