Selby Browne, vice-president of the Veteran Footballers Foundation of T&T (VFFOTT) confirmed sadness on receiving news of the passing of the organisation’s president Gwenwyn Cust, who was 74 years-old.

In his fight against cancer, he started radiation treatment, but succumbed yesterday at 7.10 am. Cust made an invaluable contribution to football in T&T, having contributed to all aspects of the game. He personally led the demand for footballers’ representation at the administrative level with his stand, when the T&T national footballers took a forthright position in the 1960’s.

“Cust’s personal contribution laid the foundation for the establishment of the Veteran Footballers Foundation of T&T, which he served as president to the end,” said Browne.

Browne added: “We are all thankful for his colossal contribution as educator and outstanding footballer, coach, administrator and community leader.

“He was a man of integrity, moral fabric and a gentleman with his God as his guide. He was an exemplar, a father figure who molded young boys into men of principle and good character. Gwenwyn was knowledgeable, a motivator, excellent strategist and had a keen sense of his footballer’s capabilities and weaknesses.”

“VFFOTT on behalf of several T&T footballers of the 1950’s, 60’s and today, extend our condolences to his wife Keren.

“A former national footballer and coach, captain of the historic colts football club of Belmont, and retired school teacher, he was a gentleman, a man who you could go to for advice, a humble man a man of integrity.

“He was as an exemplar, and when you spoke of Morvant Anglican School you spoke of Cust. He was proud of his school and his community. He was a father figure who moulded young boys into men of principle and good character.”

Former footballer and now the athletic coach of Cougars Kelvin Nancoo said: “Cust was one of the most knowledgeable men that I knew and he was so modest with it. He was one of the best motivators and even motivated me to put a skirt to play against the teachers of Morvant Anglican Teachers, the result was the same—We lost but we did compete against the girls.

“He was a great coach and an excellent player, we have lost another icon but his work will be carried on. He told me once beat them, beat them, because when they get the chance to beat you, they will.

“Port of Spain and Environs lives up to what Gwenwyn dictated. I am deeply saddened by his passing. He was my mentor, a person who put me at the helm of Port of Spain & Environs.”

Nancoo referred to him as a pioneer in Sport on Port of Spain and Environs. Another of his friends Peter Reynald said that Cust was a real team player and always willing to help all his team-mates after they made a bad pass or missed a penalty. He was a very beautiful human being that was very approchable.