Rowena Williams, a human resource professional, is the new president of the T&T Cycling Federation (TTCF).

She earned her third term in office after serving as president in 2010-2012; 2012-2014 and now 2021-2023; following Saturday’s virtual Annual General Meeting (AGM) which was also an election of officers for a new term, by getting the better of Joseph Roberts for the leadership position 62-41.

Celebration of the result began soon after the votes were counted to determine the new president, although the final tally of the entire results was not completed. The result means Williams will now have the opportunity to deliver on her promises, which includes dealing with a disenchanted fraternity and repairing a federation that has been burdened by a $2 million debt.

Williams also said she will deal with a situation in which two T&T cyclists could face the courts in a lawsuit by the Roberts-led administration for equipment that was taken away from the federation which is currently in a dispute.

Williams, who served as racing secretary up until her elevation and who has worked for many years in the administration of the sports, had told Guardian Media Sports recently that the fraternity has been literally crying out for change.

However, her challenger Roberts said he was hoping that the work he had done since replacing former president Larry Romany back in December 2019, would speak for itself.

Williams’ slate has been riding on the theme by the T&T Olympic Committee ‘Future is Female’ and will form the new executive for the next two years with Rowena Williams (president), Cheril Ann Mc Donald (General Secretary), Patricia Le Blanc (Asst General Secretary), Claire Ann Lewis (VP Finance), Recina Leotaud (Treasurer), Desmond Roberts (VP Racing), Claire Orr (Racing Secretary), Dahlia Maria Lopez (Assistant Racing Secretary) and Dawn Scott (Public Relation Officer).

The AGM was held after the general membership amended the constitution on February 20, so that a virtual meeting could take place and also the voting process can be administered. Before the AGM which will originally set for January 30, some members challenged the executive decision to hold the meeting although the constitution made no provision for a virtual meeting and the matter of secret balloting also because of an issue.

The matter required legal advice which was provided by attorney Ricardo Williams and articles 13.5 and 13.6 were amended to facilitate an AGM under circumstances such as a coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic.