The T&T Cycling Federation has made major changes to pedal in line with the world body for cycling, the Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI). Yesterday, the T&TCF president Robert Farrier announced his federation is on the verge of finalising major adjustments to its constitution which will enhance its development as an organisation.

A draft of the constitution was completed last week, following a series of meetings over the past months with attorney-at-law Ricardo Williams and they feel that they are seeing light at the end of the tunnel.

Among the changes is a move away from the two-year term, which is a norm in T&T, to a four-year term, as it is done at the UCI and other international UCI members. According to Farrier, this will give the management of the federation sufficient time implement strategies, approaches and policies and see results.

“With just two years, it is extremely difficult to achieve anything in the sport” Farrier said.

Also among the adjustments is the introduction of an immediate past president which is designed to ensure continuity in the sport and the administration of the sport. Farrier explained that for far too long the federation has had to play catch-up anytime there is a change in the administration.

“As such, this immediate past president will remain in office as just that (the immediate past president) and he/she will work with the new president and administration to ensure that there is a smooth transition from old to new,” Farrier said.

He added that this new change will also ensure that programmes and policies that are implemented are not discarded easily and cyclists are not confused when there is a change of executive.

Another key change in the constitution that was agreed upon is for the Chairman of the Disciplinary Committee of the cycling federation to be an attorney.

The draft of the constitution will now be sent to the different clubs to study. If the clubs feel that there is a need to change anything, then it will be further discussed and the adjustment made before it will be ratified by the membership and amendments confirmed. Farrier said he is extremely satisfied by the progress of the local cycling federation.

“We have really come a long way. Instead of the bacchanal and the in-fighting, the members have now settled down and are really working hard to achieve its mandate of developing cycling and cyclists in the country,” he said.

Only in 2012, cycling ace Njisane Phillips gave a glimpse of what T&T had to offer with respect to cycling, when he produced a number of excellent performances at the London, England, Olympic Games that made the world stand and acknowledge.

The cycling federation has been working closely with the UCI to be able to compete at the top level consistently. Meanwhile, two young T&T cyclists Tineil Campbell and Ramon Belmontes are currently at a training camp in Mar del Plata, Argentina.

The camp is part of the UCI’s development plan for its members across the world. Farrier said the UCI asked its members to provide its top two junior cyclists. They will be at the camp for 21 days.