Social media has come alight with discussion revolving around the decision by West Indies batting legend Brian Lara to have a stand at his Stadium, the Brian Lara Cricket Stadium in Toruba, named in honour of Indian cricket legend Sachin Tendulkar.


A number of people were making what seemed to have been political and even racial comments about the decision by the former world master batsman. Some even questioned the naming of the Nelson Mandela Park in Port-of-Spain, saying just like Tendulkar he did not do anything for Trinidad and Tobago.

President of the TTCB, Azim Bassarath has been very vocal on the issue claiming that the stands should bear the name of former local cricketers who would have excelled for Trinidad and Tobago and the West Indies.

Some were ready for battle and racial slurs were the order of the discussion. People were attacking each other even using political remarks until this one fan named Roshni Soogrim decided to put the battle to an end with an intelligent and informed contribution.

She said :”It takes one individual to make a difference, enlighten others, become a trendsetter and the masses would eventually follow. I see Mr. Lara’s decision to name the stand after Sachin Tendulkar as a respect for another icon like himself. There isn’t anything that comes between friendship- race, colour, class, creed, ethnicity.... nothing can come between friendship.

“So what if there isn’t any stands in India named after Mr. Lara. Always leave room for change. Nothing is fixed. Life is all about change. Forging relationships through appreciation and recognition is maturity. Brian Lara represents the WI, so he represents “us”. Think of the impact it would have in the world of cricket after the opening on May 13th 2017. History would be made people.”

This post seemed to have caught on with the fans and the tone of their discussion seemed to have changed after Soogrim’s contribution.

Vinode Mamchan