Alescon Comets have recently captured attention based on their rise on the domestic cricket scene and for this president of the club Dinanath Ramnarine is giving credit to the club’s ‘player focus’ approach.

Comets were the beaten finalist against Queen’s Park in the NGC T20 series recently and tomorrow they will show up at the National Cricket Centre (NCC) in Couva looking to go one better, when they meet Queen’s Park in the finals of the TTCB Premiership 50 overs series.

In the Premiership League Comets are mid-table.

Ramnarine the former Test leg-spinner and former president of the West Indies Players Association (WIPA) is now in charge of the club and is overseeing a purple patch for the Charlieville boys.

According to Ramnarine: “We have changed the entire philosophy of this club and it is working for us. The club is more player focussed and this has made a huge difference. You know there is always talk of talent around but without the proper structure in place, you can’t get success. We have decided to just put the proper structure in place at Comets and it has worked wonders. We are still not yet where we would like to be but we are very encouraged by the progress thus far.”

Ramnarine brought in new coach Andre Lawrence a move that has paid rich dividends. “Andre has been very good as coach of this club. He has a good rapport with the players and get them to perform.

“We have given the players responsibility and they are part of the decision making at this club and hence having that ownership, puts them in a position to deliver.”

Ramnarine added: “We at this club have faced challenges like any other but we deal with matters in a very efficient and quick manner and don’t leave things hanging, which can lead to frustration for any club. We keep regular meetings and have strict guidelines for the players under our charge.

“Players have mandatory regular training sessions and they are disciplined for any infraction. All in all, what we have done here is to professionalize the set up at Comets and we are now seeing the results of what that can bring.

“We have a lot more work to do and we are anxious keep at what we are doing. The captain Rayad Emrit has been excellent in his leadership and we are looking forward to him bring us titles.”