Switch4Good, an advocacy group, developed the report titled Scientific Report on Cow’s Milk, Health and Athletic Performance

More than a dozen medical and athletic performance professionals have authored a report on the health implications of consuming dairy.

The report, developed by non-profit advocacy group Switch4Good.org – which helps people switch to plant-based fuel – is titled Scientific Report on Cow’s Milk, Health and Athletic Performance.

According to Switch4Good, the report, which took more than a year to compile, has been downloaded more than 3,000 times.

‘One of the most exhaustive reviews’
Switch4Good describes its report as revealing ‘the devastating chronic health implications of consuming cow’s milk’. It says it consists of scientific, independent and peer-reviewed studies.

The organization says ‘it now stands as one of the most exhaustive reviews ever compiled of the real health impacts of dairy’, debunking ‘positive performance claims made in recent advertising by MilkPEP, the dairy industry’s most powerful marketing entity’.


For example: “In one study reviewed by the report’s authors, they found that while the performance claim suggested benefits for all athletes, the research used by MilkPEP involved just seven participants, all white men of Irish descent with no history of lactose intolerance.”

Switch4Good adds that the report delves into the ‘catastrophic long-term health issues to the massive government subsidies the industry receives. It also covers ‘the industry’s history of targeting and leveraging athletes through sponsorships and marketing campaigns’.

In an official statement, Dee Brown, NBA Legend and most recently Vice President of Integrated Development and Evaluation for the Los Angeles Clippers, said: “This report is a must-read for anyone advising athletes on peak performance and diet.

“It exposes so many myths about dairy consumption. [It also] shines a spotlight on precisely how and why a dairy-free regimen is better and healthier for athletes. It also provides an important lesson on the critical importance of separating marketing propaganda from valid science.”

‘Not a health food’
James Loomis, Jr., MD, a contributor to the report and former team doctor for the St. Louis Rams’ Super Bowl team and the St. Louis Cardinals’ World Series team also commented on the report.

He said: “Most of us have been told that cow’s milk is a health food. [We have been told] you need dairy in your diet to perform at your best. Not only is that not true, milk is actually bad for you.

“It is associated with allergies, asthma, and a wide range of chronic health problems. Ditch dairy and you will breathe better, recover faster, and perform better than ever.”


Dotsie Bausch, Executive Director of Switch4Good and Olympic medalist, added: “Separating truth from propaganda is more challenging than ever.

“Like a play out of Big Tobacco’s marketing playbook, the dairy industry has used questionable science and clever slogans to manipulate athletes and consumers into buying their unhealthy products.

“Diary is the new tobacco and this report provides definitive proof that. Whether your goal is a podium finish or simply good everyday health, ditching dairy for plant-based alternatives is the way to go.”

The 50-page report has been distributed to hundreds of professional and collegiate sports teams, athletic directors, and trainers. The report is available to anyone for download at www.Switch4Good.org.

Plant Based News has contacted the American Dairy Association for its response to this report.

Source: https://plantbasednews.org/