EXERCISING can now resume in TT, as the Government gave new guidelines concerning the covid19 pandemic at a media briefing, on Saturday.

Exercising in public is part of phase one of the revamped guidelines which will take effect from Monday until May 23.

On March 27, Minister of National Security Stuart Young urged people to exercise at home because of covid19 at a media conference. Despite his plea, over the last week people have been making their way back to savannahs and parks, including the popular Queen’s Park Savannah, Port of Spain.

The Prime Minister said exercising in public will be allowed, but people must continue to practise social distancing.

Playing sports is still not encouraged because it will lead to gatherings of more than five.

“Members of the public will be allowed to engage in restricted outdoor activities. This would exclude team activities or contact sport activities and any activity that require or encourage gatherings. It means that you could come out to walk, you could hike or could do whatever, but bear in mind certain other things remain,” Dr Rowley said.

Rowley reiterated the guidelines that must be followed. “Don’t congregate in groups of more than five and if you are near to people keep the distance of six feet away, those things still remain. If you are walking around the savannah don’t walk within three feet of someone to say ‘hello,’ don’t hug anybody to kiss them and say ‘long time I haven’t seen you, how you going?’ Don’t do that.”