The TTSF was founded by Sean Huggins-Chan in 2002 and operated for some years to support his early efforts in cross-country skiing. After he stopped international competition, the federation was was somewhat dormant for a while until it was revived in recent years by another cross-country skier, Mark Rajack. Now, the organization is lead by President Hamish Asmath and General Secretary Nick Lau, who is also part of TeamTTO at Lausanne 2020. Under their leadership, the Federation has been restructured with mid to long-term growth in mind. In addition to those two, Mark Rajack, former General Secretary, continues to be involved as Nordic Skiing Coordinator. Mark and Nick are also both current international athletes in Nordic Skiing. Richard Vieira is the Alpine Coordinator, and James “Brent” Sinanan also contributes by providing communications and graphic design support. 

The TTSF currently has 3 registered, active athletes (Abigail Vieira (alpine); Mark Rajack, Nick Lau (both cross-country)), and is looking to add more. The TTSF is the national federation for all snowsports, including alpine skiing, cross-country skiing, ski jumping, Nordic combined, freestyle and freeski, and snowboard - amongst other disciplines. The TTSF is always looking to add to its membership. Any athletes eligible to compete for T & T are encouraged get in touch with the TTSF for a chance to represent their country at international level using the official contact email (below).

TTSF General Secretary Nick Lau:

“We definitely intend on building a meaningful and sustainable programme and appreciate the fruitful collaboration the TTSF is enjoying with the TTOC. 

We especially want to recognize General Secretary Annette Knott for all the administrative support she is providing us. And on a strategic level, we really want to thank Brian Lewis, president of the TTOC, for sharing in our vision that Snowsports can play an active role in representing Trinidad and Tobago on new international stages, now and into the future”.

TTOC General Secretary Annette Knott: “The Snowsports federation were dormant for a number of years, and we had not had any athletes involved from winter sports. Over the last two years, the TTSF under president Hamish, and Nick, and Mark, have really started to push for athletes representing us at the winter Olympics, and then we get this wonderful gem, Abby, that comes from nowhere, out to represent us at the Winter Youth Olympics for the first time, it’s a historic event…”

TTSF Contact E-mail:

Facebook: or @ttsnowsports