Team Trinidad and Tobago is assured participation in at least three multi-sport Games in 2018, thanks to an injection of funding from the Ministry of Sport and Youth Affairs.

At a presentation recently, the Trinidad and Tobago Olympic Committee (TTOC) received TT $3 million toward this country’s participation at the Commonwealth Games in Australia (April 2018), the CAC Games in Colombia (August 2018) and the Youth Olympic Games in Argentina (October 2018).

TTOC president Brian Lewis thanked the ministry for its continued support. He said, “Given the harsh economic climate, it is important that the Government renews its commitment to the nation’s athletes. Not only is this a contribution to sport and those who have dedicated their lives to it, but it is also a demonstration of the value the Government places on the tangible and intangible benefits of participation in sport at the highest level.”

Minister of Sport and Youth Affairs Darryl Smith, also speaking at the presentation, indicated the ministry wants to ensure the athletes hard work to prepare for international competition is not in vain. Smith said, “We have always maintained our athlete-centred approach to sport administration and this contribution to the effort is no different. TT’s athletes have proven their worth time and again on the international stage and it is incumbent on the Government to provide the necessary support.

“There’s also no greater feeling for us as citizens than to see the national flag represented and to revel in the success of our athletes when they mount the podium.

After our gold and silver medals at the World Championships last year, we’re hoping for a lot more of that glory from our athletes in 2018 at the Commonwealth and CAC Games.”

Smith also stressed that the support from Government must be supplemented by the corporate sector in order for other pressing needs of the athletes to be met. “I continue to encourage the business community to see sport funding as an investment in the youth of the country and a contribution towards the industry of sport. There is a lot to gain from associating your brand with a successful athlete or team. What better team to get behind than Team TTO?”

TT have won a total of 52 medals over 17 Commonwealth Games since 1934, 220 medals over 16 CAC Games since 1946 and three medals at two Youth Olympic Games.