Ayesha Boucaud- Claxton, Group Corporate Communications Manager, Guardian Group, has lauded the long term partnership with the Trinidad and Tobago Olympic Committee (TTOC) as crucial for the future of sport locally.

She made the statement following Guardian Group’s renewal of their agreement to support the TTOC’s Athlete Welfare and Preparation Fund for another year. 

“Our intention is to continue supporting them (TTO C) in their thrust. The Welfare fund helps financially (and) what we realise is that there is a gap and it is important that athletes are taken care of when they’ve done so much for our country.” After being on board for 15 years, she added: “We don’t consider this a sponsorship. It is a partnership and a marriage that we’ve been in for over 15 years.” The Guardian G r o u p - s p o n s o r e d TTOC Athlete Welfare and Preparation Fund offers financial assistance and professional support to national athletes in their preparation for Olympics as well as for life after sport. 

Guardian Group’s legacy of support to the TTO C and ongoing commitment to ensuring Trinidad and Tobago’s athletes are so positioned to not only have success in their respective disciplines but for life thereafter, is key to the guiding philosophies of the organisation and has always been a focus for Guardian Group going as far back as 2001. 

In 2001, Guardian Life of the Caribbean initiated the Youth Star Programme, with a vision for a more holistic development of young adults in sport. 

In addition to providing expertise in financial and investment planning, these young people were coached in other life skills. The first group of athletes who participated were Darrel Brown, Marc Burns, Danille Prime, Fana Ashby, Shane Stone, Tyler Mayers and Lindell Brooks as part of the pilot project. 

When the Youth Star programme was phased out in 2006, Guardian Life of the Caribbean partnered with the TTO C to implement a health and wellness initiative aimed at encouraging athletic development and improving the physical well-being of Trinidad and Tobago citizens. In 2007, Youth Stars morphed into Shape Your Life. 

For the past 16 years, this partnership has grown from strength to strength, as both parties continue to stay committed to the welfare and development of athletes in Trinidad and Tobago and the advancement of sport locally and internationally.