These are the words that best describe the Olympic-bound athletes who sacrifice and devote their time to a dream. Theirs is a dream of standing on an Olympic podium, while their country’s national anthem fills the stadium. The partners and corporate sponsors pulled together by the Trinidad and Tobago Olympic Committee (TTOC) are each committed to that dream and our athletes, with an unwavering drive to see it realised.

Press Plays partnership with the TTOC is focused on the achieving the vision of 10 or more Olympic gold medals by the year 2024 (#10Golds24). The strategy employed includes building awareness and generating revenue to fund the mission. Recently Press Play, as overseen by Director Dwayne Cambridge, leveraged the company's expertise in media engagement to aid Team TTO in launching the ambitious 'Text to Donate' campaign. This donation campaign directly benefits the athletes overseen by the TTOC. It allows members of the public to contribute $10, $20 or $50 using their mobile devices, by simply texting donate to TTO10, TTO20 or TTO50 respectively. Both partners are encouraged by the adoption and use by members of the public.

However, achieving #10Golds24 is no small feat, and as such the twin Islands’ Olympic committee and Press Play continue to tap into the wealth of resources, and talent available in Trinidad and Tobago.

Beyond funding, it is imperative to inspire a sense of pride and invoke passion among members of the public. Essentially, the people must BELIEVE, in our athletes and their potential, and music proved the best avenue to engage the public. As such, Press Play approached the incomparable, singer, and song-writer Erphaan Alves to convey this message.

Erphaan Alves contributed his time and talent, to help create the song that embodies this sentiment Believe. Another artist, sharing in the vision of renewed national pride, also stepped forward, Christian Alexis of Sixela channelled his creativity to create the visual representation of Believe. Both have helped to make Believe emotive and tangible, a melody and a symbol for the people and the athletes. In the coming days the song 'Believe' will be available for download and heard across the airwaves, while the 'Believe' logo will emblazoned on t-shirts made available to the public. All of these initiatives not only engage the public but benefit the #10Golds24 Athlete Welfare and Preparation Fund.

Guided by the TTOC, there is a growing synergy, of diverse sponsors and partners working towards a single goal. Press Play is proud to be partnered with a forward thinking organisation that is determined to provide our athletes with the holistic support they have earned. Press Play will continue to work towards #10Golds24 with TEAM TTO, in the hope that these efforts will galvanise the country’s support for our athletes starting with the Summer Olympic Games in Rio 2016.