Enthusiastic young rugby players from south and central communities took to the field at the launch of the Flow South/Central Youth Rugby Tournament at the Mannie Ramjohn Stadium in Marabella, yesterday. 

Five teams competed at the launch including Basse Terre, Maffeking, Sixth Company, Sobo and Guapo, with the last two teams combining to form one team. The tournament will also be supported by the Rainbow Sports, Cultural and Social Organisation. The tournament, which will run until October 3, will include a team from Rainbow. The six teams will compete in home and away matches with the top four teams playing for the top prize on the closing day. The tournament targets boys from age 15 to boys in their early twenties.

Samantha Lezama, public affairs and media relations manager at Flow enjoyed the excitement of the youngsters at yesterday’s launch. “This is the second time we are doing this rugby tournament. Every year the enthusiasm from the kids on the field is always energetic. They seem to like the sport very much.” 

Lezama is hoping the tournament will make the sport of rugby more popular. “Cricket and football is very popular in T&T and well supported. For us getting involved in rugby was an opportunity to bring that sport to more people. From the kids participating and the parents hearing about the game it will bring the sport to a wider community.”

Lezama explained that there are no immediate plans to expand the tournament to other parts of T&T, but it is possible competitions may take place in other areas in the future.