LANCE WALKER, Global Performance Director, at the Michael Johnson Performance (MJP) Center, urged his listeners to become rebels by thinking big, being passionate and creating solutions instead of complaining. Walker was speaking during the closing session of the two-day bpTT/TTOC MJP High Performance workshop which concluded at Olympic House in Port of Spain, yesterday.

Participants also heard from MJP founder and Former World and Olympic champion Michael Johnson who said: “Teaching athletes is an important component of coaching athletes”.

During the afternoon period, Drew Cuffee (regeneration and recovery specialist) engaged attendees in a practical session; introducing the MJP system that focuses on exercises surrounding dynamics, power, movement, force, metabolics and regeneration.

TTOC President, Brian Lewis, told the workshop that the TTOC is determined to create regular learning opportunities for high performance coaches and trainers in Trinidad and Tobago.

“Like Lance (Walker) said, we need to be a network of rebels not troublemakers for there to be transformation in TTO Sport” said Lewis.

Lewis pointed out that a similar type of workshop would cost between $2,000 - $5,000, but the TTOC offers the workshop for free as the focus is on capacity building.

The workshop was well received by participants.

“It was impressive and first world with lots of invaluable information. I will be tapping into the resources offered. Thank you, BPTT, MJP, Drew, Lance and TTOC for the opportunity” said Claire Orr, TT Cycling Federation assistant general secretary.

Those attending the High Performance Workshop which had as its theme: “Perfecting Performance – Striving for Excellence – Faster, Higher, Stronger” received a certificate of participation.

The participants were: Nicole Fuentes (TT Gymnastics Federation), Sean Morrison (TTVF), Gerard Franklin (Tobago), Mark Alexis (Tsunami Swim Club), Rheeza Grant (TTVF), Brij Parasnath (Caribbean Sport Specialists), Shurland Hartley (West Penn Athletics), Claire Orr (TTCF), Roger Frontin (TTCF), Edward Marchan (Paralympics), Josiah Morales (Eagles Aquatics), Curtis George (West Penn), Jenelle Nedd (MOS/NAAA), Ronald Rogers (UTT/TTCB), Kiron Simmons (UTT), Angel Ottley (UTT), Reynold Lovell (UTT), Shayne Cooper (NAAA), Rodney Liverpool (TTDF), Terron Abner (Marabella Family Crisis Centre), Jo-Ellen Redhead (MOS), Antonia Burton (NAAA), Gregory Seale (Movement Mechanics), Ashlee Alonso (Movement Mechanics), Courtnee-Mae Clifford (TTVF), Nataki Akii-Bua (Ventures Hockey Club), PaulVoisin (NAAA), Colin Syriac (Bike Smith Cycling Club), Jeffrey Claverie (QPCC) and Kelton Thomas (TTBBFF).