Recently, in keeping with this commitment the national governing body sent Brazilian volleyball coach Agustini Sabatini and Sean Morrison volleyball coach at the Ministry of Sport to Tobago to support Tobago's Head of Volleyball Mr. Nolan Daniel with the development of the sport.

Tobago House of Assembly(THA) Secretary of Education, Youth Affairs and Sport, Assemblyman Huey Cadette and Mr. Theophilus Trim Director of Sport in Tobago have been in regular communication with Mr. Daymian Stewart, President of the TTVF as both the THA and the TTVF seek to implement plans for  the growth and development of volleyball  throughout the sister isle.

The TTVF, with the aid of the world governing body FIVB, the  North, Central America and Caribbean Volleyball Confederation (NORCECA) and the Ministry of Sport, assigned both Sabatini and Morrison to conduct a one month coaching project in Tobago. They  along with Daniel,  visited several Primary and Secondary Schools in Tobago to introduce Indoor and Outdoor Volleyball . 

A total of fifteen schools have been targeted including Spey Side High, Scarborough, Signal Hill Secondary, Buccoo Primary, Black Rock Primary, St. Patrick Primary to name just a few .
The three coaches also inaugurated a Beach Volleyball Community program at Turtle Beach with twenty-five male and female students per school.
According to Morrison, the children and teenagers were all excited and happy to learn the sport. " Tobago has a lot of raw talent. I can already envision some of these youngsters competing at the international level" said Morrison.
He added that, "there is definitely a great need for more coaches to help develop and raise the level of the sport in Tobago".  
TTVF President Daymian Stewart confirmed that sustainably developing indoor and beach volleyball in Tobago is a key strategic priority for the TTVF. 
" We will establish in Tobago a structured coaching development and player development pathway . My intention is to have the TTVF work closely with the THA to ensure that volleyball in Tobago achieves its full potential ."


Rheeza Grant

Executive Assistant,

Trinidad and Tobago Volleyball Federation