In Giant Slalom, the gates are spaced further apart than in Slalom, but not as far apart as in super-G. In Giant Slalom the course consists of two double sets of poles linked by a gate panel through which the competitor has to ski. The competitions are run in an "against the clock" format and, as in Slalom, each skier completes two runs and the competitor with the fastest combined time wins.

Abby started the first run with bib number 60. She came down the upper section with an intermediate time of +1.49, only 1.49 seconds behind the leader. Coming through the middle section, Abby had a small slip and fell to the slope but bounced back up and the momentum carried her on. Despite the slip, she was still in the race and only had a +6.53 delay coming into the second intermediate time. ON the final section, she got a little wide on her line and finishe with +10.04, in 45th place overall, out of 78 contestants. Again, the course was technical and challenging and 20 racers did not finish the course.

Abby hat an adventurous rest of the afternoon: on the way to the start of her second run, the gondola had a mechanical problem and had to be shut down. A number of racers were stuck en route, but Abby was among those still at the bottom. She had to be brought to the start by ski-do (snowcat), causing a delay in her start. Despite these problems and having to rush into the start once finally at the top, she had a good run on the upper section, losing only 2.30 seconds on the race leader, Swiss Amelie Klopfenstein, who took the gold medal at the end. Unfortunately Abby hit a gate and crashed coming around one of the next turns, and therefore had a DNF on the race. Fortunately she was unhurt and able to pick herself up and dust herself off and ski to the finish, where she was welcomed by applauding fans. Abby is in fairly good spirits, and is looking forward to a day of recovery tomorrow and her last race in the slalom on Tuesday.

Watch the Replay of Abby’s 1sst run of today’s race:
Run 1: starting at 1:23:40 of the video.

Abigail Vieira Quotes from 12/01/2020:

On her performance thus far:

I am really happy with how I’ve been doing, just because I’ve enjoyed pushing myself through the course, I feel like this is the hardest I have pushed myself, and it’s good to finish (the first run) feeling accomplished.

On her adventure prior to the 2nd run today:

(The gondola Staff said) we’re not gonna be able to take you, so me and this girls from Cyprus, go up on the snowmobile, and then this other girl from Bosnia Herzegovina comes up as well, and we’re waiting for the other 3 girls.

(At the top) We had 4 minutes to stretch and warm up.

It’s definitely going to be a memory.

On her goal for the last race on Tuesday:

I am excited for the slalom because I wanted to improve on the slalom I did yesterday, but I think going forward it’s just being more and more aggressive as time goes on.

Quotes from Annette Knott, General Secretary of the Trinidad & Tobago Olympic Committee:

On the experience of participating at Lausanne 2020, for the TTOC Olympic Committee:

“The Experience for the TTOC Olympic Committee has been a wonderful one”

The TTSF… have really started to push for athletes representing us at the Winter Olympics and then we ge this wonderful gem, Abby, that comes out of nowehere to represent us at the Winter Youth Olympics.

It’s the first time, so it’s a historical event, it’s a real honor for me to be here…. To actually be seeing Abby compete, and the wonderful support from everyone here.

The novelty of T & T at a winter Youth Olympics means that we do have quite a lot of press and attention.

The reality is that it’s only the beginning. I think this is going to be an inspiration for a lot of others, and motivation to perhaps now come in and get involved in the winter sports.

On the public echo back at home:

I think this is wonderful, From the time we heard that Abby had qualified, then she came to T & T and did and interview and now with all the wonderful press that’s going back people will be excited.

Preview for tomorrow: on January 13th, there is no competition scheduled for Abigail Vieira. She will use the day to recover and explore other parts of Lausanne 2020. Her next and final competitions will be the slalom races on January 14th, with the 1st run scheduled at 9:30 and the 2nd one at 13:45 CET.

Each skier completes 2 runs on 2 different courses, usually set by different coaches on the same slope and on the same day. Slalom courses consist of two single poles through which the competitor has to ski. Slalom competitions are run in an "against the clock" format, with the competitors attempting to cross the finish line with the fastest time. The winner is the skier with the fastest combined times.

Abigail Vieira’s Youth Olympic mission is a family affair: her Team staff includes her Father Richard Vieira as Chef de Mission, her sister Ria Vieira as assistant coach, and her mother Alison Vieira as support staff. Her coach is Lori Ford, mother of an ex Olympian from USA. Abigail is further supported by team staff Mirella Arnhold, Ex-Alpine Skier and first ever Olympian in that discipline for Brazil (2002 and 2006). The team is completed by Nick Lau, a Nordic skier for Trinidad & Tobago, and secretary general of the Trinidad & Tobago Snowsports Federation, as well as Austrian Olympic Games Organizing committee veteran Veronika Muehlhofer, as press attaché.

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Abigail “Abby” Vieira

Birthdate: August 9th 2002 
Height: 5’ 4” 
Hometown: Winchester, MA 
Language: English (native); Spanish (basic) 

High school: Holderness School 
School address: Plymouth, NH 
GPA: 96.20 
Honors: High Honors – 2016-17, 2017-18, 2018-19 
Leadership: Elected School President 2019 – 2020 
Varsity Soccer – Captain 
Eastern Alpine Ski Team – Captain 
Sports: Soccer, Alpine Ski, Lacrosse 
College: Accepted to Williams College Class of 2024 

FIS points (12/18/19): SL: 148.61 
GS: 154.46 SG: 219.24 
Teams: Began ski racing at 8 years old Loon Race Team 2010-16 
Holderness Eastern Alpine USSA 2016-2018 
Holderness FIS 2018 to present 
Currently skis as a T&T National at the FIS (International level) 
Disciplines: Slalom, Giant Slalom, Super G

Results overview: • Competing on the international circuit 
• Attained Olympic qualification point levels in the first year 

Best results (last 3 years) 
2018-2019 GS – 53rd; Okemo Mtn, Eastern Series FIS, 3/25/19 SL – 15th Proctor FIS 12/31/18 
2017-2018 GS – 4th; Wildcat Mountain, NHARA Qualifier, 2/3/18 SL – 2nd Pats Peak, Macomber Series, 1/28/18 
2016-2017 GS – 13th, Cranmore Mtn, LaFoley Series; 2/26/17 SL – 6th, Waterville Valley, LaFoley Spring, 3/19/17 

Parents: Richard & Alison Vieira 
Both from Trinidad 
Sister: Ria Vieira 

Other activities Football, Lacrosse, Cooking, Crossfit