Fort Lauderdale.- The six presidents of the most important sports organizations of the Americas within the Olympism met yesterday in this city with the purpose of establishing common agendas that allow strengthening each of the continental and regional sporting events.

The meeting was promoted by the new president of CACSO, Luis Mejía Oviedo, who had raised in his campaign project the need for these types of summits to be held for the benefit of the sports calendar of the Americas.

The meeting was held with the president of Panam Sports, Neven Illic, the president of ODESUR, Camilo Pérez; the president of ODEBO, Baltazar Medina; president of ORDECA; Henry Núñez; and the president of CANOC, Brian Lewis.

The 6 sports leaders agreed that these types of meetings will be held at least once a year, so that they manage to share the sports agendas of the different organizations and that they can also align the classification systems from one game to another until they reach in chain to the Olympic Games.

“The sports organizations of our continent have to work together. We have seen how Panam Sports has taken great steps of integration and progress in recent years, and our regional organizations must work in line to continue adding value to our regional games, our federations and our athletes, ”said Mejía after the meeting ended .

This was the first time in history that the different sports organizations of the continent manage to have a meeting of this level and as reported the objectives will also be to be able to conduct training for technicians and referees, determine common technical criteria, admission of new sports, qualifiers of cycles, calendar of events, relationship with international federations, among others.