altThe favorite debut with a favorable score of 11-0

City: Guadalajara, Jalisco, México
Date: 2011-10-19

Finally, Hockey was started at the Pan American Games Guadalajara 2011, Argentina defeated Trinidad and Tobago 11-0.

First Period
Trinidad and Tobago did not show its real game level, and was easily overcame by Argentina. The first goal was scored in the minute 2 of the encounter by Soledad Garcia.
Carla Rebecchi stressed out Trinidad and Tobago's defense, and scored the second with a ball which seemed controled by Trinidad and Tobago, which was not recovered and three minutes later Claudia Rebechi just had to turned around to pass the ball and Argentina's number ten made the first goal.
Claudia Rebechi had to turn around and shot against Petal Derry to score the second for "Las Leonas" for the joy of their fans, who traveled all the way from Buenos Aires to support their favorites.
The third goal was scored by Rosario Luchetti, who took advantaged of two mistakes of the fullbacks Blair Wayne and Avion Ashton. In the minute 21, with a penalty corner Noel Barrionuevo scored the fourth.
Soledad Garcia left laid Petal Derry, who tried to stopped the shot, which finished being the fifth, in the minute 22. Trinidad could not make a come back and Delfina Merino scored the sixth for Argentina.

Second Period
Argentina scored the seveth goal, also in the minute two, with a penalty corner taken by Noel Barrionuevo. Two minutes later, a penalty corner was penalized and again was scored by Noel Barrionuevo, doing the eighth of the game.
Trinidad and Tobago got close and actually improved, but it was not enough, at the minute 23 Noel Barrionuevo, made the fourth goal for her and the ninth for Argentina, which made her the main player of the encounter. Petal Derry, the goalkeeper, nor the fullback Blair Wynne could dodge it.
Despite the lose, Petal Derry was a key player for Trinidad and Tobago not to receive more goals.
Carla Rebechhi scored the tenth goals, and the eleventh was done by Delfina Merino, which finished with the victory of Argentina.