In a low tempo encounter, Colombia obtained a narrow victory over Trinidad and Tobago

City: Guadalajara, Jalisco, México

Colombia beat Trinidad and Tobago by 1-0 in Women's football during the second game of the opening day, held at the Omnilife Stadium, Colombia obtained their first three points at the Pan American tournament.

The opening minutes of the game were highly contested in the midfield, neither team threaded in danger areas, they settled for having possession of the ball, harsh plays multiplied in the game, as well as fierce tackles without any clarity on the offense.

The only goal of the game came at minute 20, Patricia Andrade from Colombia entered the penalty area and kicked a right cross, and penetrated Trinidad and Tobago’s goal, guarded by Kimika Forbes.

After Colombia scored, the match entered a period in which both teams struggled for the ball, Trinidadian athletes strengthened their forward defense lines, and subsequently got their first approach in minute 36, but Colombia´s defender, Fatima Montaño saved her team by getting the ball out the court as it was headed for the goal.

In the second half, the game continued with skirmishes in the midfield. In minute 60, the Caribbean squad created another scoring opportunity, Kennya Cordner shot from outside the area but it was well dealt with by Milena Sepulveda, Colombia’s goalkeeper, who fled to the second post and deflected the ball to a corner kick.
The game continued and Trinidad and Tobago’s squad did not get more chances.Colombia added three units in Group A and will face Chile in their next game, while the Trinidadian squad was left with no points, and will measure against Brazil on the second day.