Once more, Mexico meets USA in the Pan American tatami

After the firtst seven clashes in Pan American Taekwondo of the men's division, in the -79kg category, we already know the athletes competing in the quarters finals.
At the beginning of the third round of Taekwondo at the Pan American Games 2011, Sebastian Crismanich from Argentina faced up Michael Rodriguez  from Nicaragua; Crismanich slipped into the quarter finals round after the judges considered the fight finished because of technical superiority, with a final score of 12-0. In final quarters, Crismanich will measure against Canadian Sebastien Michaud, who got into quarter finals thanks to a "bye" pass.
In other battle, Mario Tellez from Cuba met Stuardo Solorzano from Guatemala; the Cuban combatant put ahead in the score right away, although the Guatemalan staff made a claim to the judges, who took one point off from Tellez and gave it to Solorzano as a result. The finals score was 8-8; Stuardo got through final quarters by sudden death.
On the other hand, Stuart Smith advanced the second round after the judges stopped the fight in the second assault,  after having subjected Jahmar Jean from the Virgin Islands with a conclusive 13-1; Jarmar was disqualified because of technical superiority. Stuart Smith will face up to Solorzano in final quarters.
Carlos Liebig from Chile achieved his access to quarter finals after beating dominican fighter Wikin Heredia in a very tough battle with a final score of 12-10.
The fifth fight of the day, between Venezuelan Carlos Vazquez  and Lenn Hypolite from Trinidad y Tobago, was the third match interrupted because of technical superiority, after the venezuelan took an advantage of 15-3; he will contend against Liebig from Chile.
Mexico's Uriel Avigdor Adriano debuted in the Pan American Games facing Colombia's Yair Medina and winning 6-5 to get into the next round.
The last fight of the preliminary round in Taekwondo men's division under 79kg, was between Timothy Curry from the USA and Brazil's Douglas Marcelino; Curry defeated the South American contender and will measure against Mexico in quarter finals.