COPAG’s Marketing Department has big surprises in store ahead of Guadalajara 2011

In a strategy to get more people interested in actively participating in all events related to the XVI Pan American Games Guadalajara 2011, the Marketing Department is planning great surprises for the enjoyment of citizens and to ensure that America’s Fiesta is in everyone’s lips.

The events planned are scheduled to be launched in the next few days in different shopping centers and other strategic points throughout the City. Athletes from Jalisco, volunteers, Pan American Ambassadors and COPAG’s employees will participate, including the friendly Pan American Mascots Leo, Gavo and Huichi, who will play a starring role in the fun-filled activities planned.

In parallel to these social events, the Guadalajara International Airport will be dressed with giant decals featuring the image of athletes so that they feel welcome as they arrive in Guadalajara and to also remind all travelers that they have a date with sports on October 14.

“The goal of this giant decal campaign is to create a high level of inspiration and generate excitement about the great experience that is to be had in Guadalajara; likewise, we want everyone in Mexico and the world abroad to join this great project.”

“In addition, in February we’re producing some very creating material of high national and international impact that will give a lot to talk about, that will speak well of Guadalajara 2011,” commented Juan Murray, COPAG Marketing Manager.

These initiatives are supported by three Jalisco icons: women who are internationally renowned for their beauty, Mariachi as a symbol of celebration and Tequila as the identity of Jalisco.

The campaigns will be promoted thought the official internet portal for the Games and through the social networks where some interactive surprises are in store.