The biggest sporting event of 2024 will undoubtedly be the Olympic Games and Paralympic Games held in Paris. As ever when it comes to big sporting events of this nature, we expect ambush marketing (where a brand piggybacks on an event to promote their products without an official association with that event) to be a key concern.

What is Ambush Marketing?
Ambush marketing is an attempt by an unauthorised party, through marketing activity, to take advantage of the high media profile of an event, team or individual, by associating itself with the event, team or individual without permission and without paying any licence or sponsorship fees.

There is no agreed definition for ambush marketing. It can be interpreted widely, as above, or more narrowly, as being an activity which merely causes public confusion over who is the sponsor of an event. It is most closely associated with major sporting events, but any event or occasion can be targeted by ambush marketers - from...

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Authors: Geraint Lloyd-Taylor, JJ Shaw, David Cakebread