Top local 400 metres hurdler Jehue Gordon is grateful to finally receive the keys to his new HDC Belvedere, Maracas, St Joseph home.

He received the keys and remote control for the compound gate from Minister of Housing Randall Mitchell yesterday at the HDC’s South Quay headquarters.

Also in attendance was Minister of Sport, Darryl Smith, HDC chairman Newman George and Tokyo 1964 4x400 bronze medallist Edwin Skinner, part of Gordon’s management team. Gordon was promised the house following his World Championship Men’s 400m hurdles gold medal in Moscow, in 2013.

Asked how he felt to finally get his home, Gordon said: “To be honest, it is just to get the nerves over with. It has been a long-promised gift since 2013, so three years apart until now. It is never too late to receive your own home and I am definitely thankful for everyone who made it possible.

“The Minister of Housing Mr Randall (Mitchell), the Minister of Sports Mr Darryl Smith, also (HDC) Corporate Communications and Mr Newman George (HDC Chairman) along with Mr Skinner, my local manager, and Mr Hasely Crawford, they were all part of the team that pushed for me to get it. I am really thankful that it is possible now and I am just ready to move in and be comfortable.”

Asked when he planned to occupy the place, Gordon joked: “As soon as possible. We are heading up to look at the place now and just see how it is. No more lying down on mattress on the ground.” Gordon, who suffered with a severely torn lower abdominal muscle in 2015 which required surgery that same year, said he was now preparing for next year’s athletic season.

“Moving forward right now it is just to keep focus. I am currently picking up a stint overseas. Well you know I have been going through my little setbacks with regard to my surgery and injuries and things like that, so I am just out there seeking my best interest in Orlando right now and hopefully just to do bigger things to come for the World Championships next year,” he said, adding that the 400m hurdles is an event that you get better at as you age.

“The thing with my event, the hurdling event... it is a maturity event. It is the same thing with Keshorn and his event, it is a maturity event, so the stronger, the more spatially aware that you become and understand with the hurdles it is about rhythm.

“With everything that has been taking place with me over the last year and a half it has affected my rhythm and I am just trying to find my rhythm back right now,” explained Gordon, who currently resides in Orlando, Florida, where he is seeking medical expertise and attention for his injury and where his training is based for now.