Former Miss World, Giselle Laronde-West, won a bronze medal in Jakarta, Indonesia at the 12 Shoto-kan Karate International Federation (SKIF) world championships, held August 26–28, 2016. Forty-six countries participated, with approximately 900 competitors in 63 categories. Giselle competed against seven others in her kata division, placing third, behind two Italians.

Her son, Kristof West accompanied her to compete in his 16-17 age group division. He did not make it past the preliminaries in kata but won his first kumite fight against Belgium to enter the semi-finals, where he was defeated by a South African. This was the second world championship Kristof had competed in, the previous being the 11th SKIF championship in Australia. Laronde-West also gained a bronze medal there and also performed at the 10th championship in Greece.

Both athletes belong to SKIF Trinidad and Tobago (SKIFTT), headed by 7th Dan, Neville Mason. SKIFTT is one of almost 200 other organisations around the world under SKIF.