Olympic sport and striving for excellence is not a nine day wonder . Its an every day commitment for years that requires a level of dedication and sacrifice that is beyond ordinary contemplation.

Trinidad and Tobago’s Olympic athletes are dedicated,determined and have a burning desire to succeed. They represent the best of us.

The economic challenges facing Trinidad and Tobago is not an excuse to ignore our athletes and the support that they need. Finding ways to generate sustainable funding supporting for the athletes is essential.

The Trinidad and Tobago Olympic Committee ( TTOC ) has exclusive authority for the Olympic Games. Ensuring that the country's Olympic athletes are properly prepared is the duty,obligation and responsibility of the TTOC, but we cannot do it alone.

The TTOC athlete welfare and preparation fund was created to generate dedicated sustainable funding for Olympic level and potential Olympic level athletes. The fund also provides an opportunity for everyone not just the government and corporate Trinidad and Tobago, to play a roll in achieving the TTOC vision 2024 objective of winning 10 or more Olympic Gold medals by the year 2024.

Generating the required funding for athlete preparation and welfare must be a priority for all of us who love sport. The nation's Olympic athletes need the help and support. Every donation and contribution makes a positive difference.

The TTOC's participation in both last year's edition and this year's edition of the Trinidad and Tobago International Marathon is aimed at raising awareness and fund raising for the athlete welfare and preparation fund.

The TTOC wishes to thank all those individuals and companies who made pledges to donate to the Fund.

In particular the TTOC wishes to thank the Chief Justice of Trinidad and Tobago Justice Ivor Archie and his family , Trinidad and Tobago Coast Guard, Bankers Insurance Athletic Central, Soca Artiste Fay Ann Lyon- Alvarez, Peter C Lewis, Devon Matthews, Andre Baptiste, Nigel Baptiste, Tony Lee, Elizabeth Griffith, Richard Rahim, Captain Andy Cheekes, Dexter Skeene, Staff Sargeant Roger Daniel, John Lum Young, Leslie Figaro, Curtis Nero, Caryl Hamilton, Ria Ramnarine and Fine Line Gym who all participated in the 2016 Trinidad and Tobago International Marathon (TTIM) and Marathon Relay in support of the TTOC #10Golds24 athlete welfare and preparation fund.

Fay Ann Lyon Alvarez, Peter C Lewis, and Chief Justice Ivor Archie have additionally made personal pledges, along with Minister of Sport and Youth Affairs, Darryl Smith.

Their support for #10golds24 athlete welfare and preparation is acknowledged with gratitude and appreciation.

The TTOC wishes to express its thanks to the Trinidad and Tobago International Marathon Committee ( TTIM ) for allowing the TTOC to participate in their event for charitable fund raising.

Donations can be made at any branch of Scotiabank account number 171188 or at Olympic House 121 Abrecromby Street Port-of-Spain.
The TTOC telephone contact number is 8686251285 and email is contact@ttoc.org.