Badminton is set for an increased profile in the Commonwealth following the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between the sport’s international governing body, Badminton World Federation (BWF) and the Commonwealth Games Federation (CGF).

Collaborating under the banner of “CGF/BWF - Partners Uniting the Commonwealth through Sport”, the two organisations will work to showcase and promote world class badminton competition in the CGF’s 71 member countries and territories.

The MOU will also focus on improving participation levels among able-bodied and para-sport athletes, particularly in the Commonwealth’s developing nations.

The CGF will also consult with the BWF on ways to further enhance the overall Games experience for competitors and officials at the Games.

Spectators, both those attending a Commonwealth Games or following the Games through various media channels, will also benefit from this partnership.

The CGF and BWF will jointly develop a media and communications plan around each edition of the Commonwealth Games and, where applicable, the Commonwealth Youth Games, to spread the word across the Commonwealth.

The MOU, signed by CGF President, The Hon. Michael Fennell OJ.,CD, and BWF President, Dr Kang Young Joong, is a broad-ranging document that commits each party a greater level of consultation, collaboration and sharing of information at each Games and in the years between.

Badminton is one of the “Core Sports” on the Commonwealth Games program, meaning that all host cities must include the sport in their competition schedule.

CGF CEO, Mike Hooper, says the MOU has further strengthened the CGF’s relationship with the sport.

“Badminton is a very popular sport within the Commonwealth and we are delighted to work with the world body to promote the game to our member nations and to establish a robust framework for the operation of the sport at the time of each Games,” Mr Hooper said.

BWF President, Dr Kang, believes this partnership will bring about many positives for the future of both organisations.

“The dialogue with the CGF to get to this point has been very good and we see the MOU as being very constructive in helping us widen the appeal of our sport throughout the Commonwealth,” Dr Kang said.