Ravi Kalpoo, centre, of Klapoo Tours is assisted by a villager during efforts to help marooned flood victims in central Trinidad. -Photo: Courtesy Kalpoo Tours

The very best of the people of Trinidad has emerged this weekend.

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T&T is the "Land of Ca­lyp­so", the month of Oc­to­ber be­ing of­fi­cial­ly de­clared "Ca­lyp­so His­to­ry Month" in 2002.

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MINISTER OF Sport and Youth Affairs Shamfa Cudjoe says, “Trinidadians need to understand the beauty of Trinidad and we need to work on that as a people and when we reach that level then we can look at Sport Tourism.”

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Former quarterback’s stand is a reminder the injustice highlighted by raised fists 50 years ago has not gone away

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