Its important for sport in any country for the respective leaders in the various sectors to have a sincere appreciation of the essential importance of sport and physical activity.

Time and Time again sport in the face of significant opposition has had to rush to its own defence.

In recent times in an environment of financial worries it would appear to those who have to battle the cause of sport that the battle is being lost.

Be positive. Be optimistic. Dig in are my daily exhortations.

Its about looking at things from a creative perspective.

Its not that I am trying to make light of the situation or that I am not taking seriously the financial problems.

I recognize that the country is in a deep cavern and that for many there is no light at the end of the tunnel.

At times its like standing at the bottom of a wall that as you look up extends as far as the eye can see with no end in sight.

Rather than look at things from the perspective of where things are now. Why not look past the situation and picture what are the possibilities.

I was telling someone recently I think Trinidad and Tobago is in some ways better prepared to overcome the current recession than previous occasions.

I know that may not be the view of many. But as I continue to say I don't under estimate the resilience of  the majority of citizens of Trinidad and Tobago.

Hope springs eternal.

One area that I believe that we have to refocus is a culture of volunteerism and actuve citizenship.

We need more people to commit their time to helping out in the movement towards a more engaged citizen.

Trinidad and Tobago is a country on the verge of a major break through...for all the negativity that appear to abound conversations in particular at the community level herald a grassroot determination to not give up.

Its a fact that some of that determination is fueled by anger at a perceived failure of successive governments , Sport leaders and leaders in general.

How as a society and nation we harvest that determination to forge a brighter,  better tomorrow is a key question.  There are various theories and ideas.

Regardless of the many debates and discussions -what is required is the vision of a brighter,  better Trinidad and Tobago must be a life long obsession,  passion and purpose.

It must not be that as we continue to lose citizens such as Dr Anthony Sabga that we continue to lament that the generation of visionary nation builders and patriots who stood strong in working for a better, brighter tomorrow are no more . We must be inspired and motivated by their life long obsession.

We need volunteers in all areas of national life to put their hands up.  When I say volunteers its with a broad net. Including anyone  in business,  academics,  arts, sports, science etc who are prepared to volunteer their time and resources.

Its not that many aren't already doing so - the idea is that every one is in pursuit of a shared picture of what this better, brighter tomorrow for Trinidad and Tobago looks like.

What do we see? What is the Trinidad and Tobago that we see?

Volunteerism is key.

On behalf of the Trinidad and Tobago Olympic Committee I extend sincerest condolences to the family, friends and colleagues of the late Dr Anthony Sabga. Rest in Peace.

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