Trying to process a lot of things that are happening in T&T can be detrimental to your spirit and soul. It’s simple and convenient to pivot to feeling bewildered.

Adversity is causing many to simply disengage themselves from the process.

Yesterday someone was sharing their perspective about the state of play in T&T and their conclusion was, to protect their personal peace of mind they have to act as if they live in a parallel universe- there is the reality of what is going on in T&T and how they choose to experience the reality of life in T&T. One is real and the other is a fantasy.

That conversation got me thinking about the importance of focus and zoning out a lot of the noise. It’s as if we are all living in a parallel universe, there is no truth anymore, only how you interpret and reframe what is before your senses.

Every day at Olympic House at Abercromby Street in Port of Spain, the T&T Olympic Committee (TTOC) is faced with choices. Regardless of how negative and dismaying the facts, truth or reality may be or appear, the TTOC must reframe and demonstrate to every stakeholder the benefits of the Olympic partnership.

The Olympic partnership is a compelling platform to develop programmes in achieving brand enhancement, revenue generation or legacy building.

Under brand enhancement, the Olympic partnership can foster brand differentiation and create an emotional connection but in an environment where there is so much negative noise, shining through the negative-clutter can be a test of mental stamina and endurance. In the 2016 TTOC annual report I shared this message: “Without a vision...we perish...Transformation...Transformation and modernisation guided every thought and action.”

Obstacles, problems, mistakes and failures are mere stepping stones to learning, improving and growing. Embracing transformation and change is the impetus.

Business development and revenue growth, innovation, creativity, out-of-the-box marketing and rebranding, and new programmes that are athlete and people-centred. National Sport Organisations are facing existential decisions of which parallel universe to choose.

There is no place to hide in the prevailing environment.