“We the people”. It begins and ends with us, the people.

The change we seek begins with each of us. A better and safer T&T cannot happen without social change. As a mirror of society, sport can contribute and even lead the way in some instances to social change.

It’s an intriguing situation, the current reality here in T&T but no matter the challenges, problems and issues, T&T possesses the brain power to overcome and evolve out of the quagmire into a beautiful sunlight.

At every turn there are stark reminders of the consequences-high crime, gun violence, gender based violence, an intolerance and anger in our interactions-but depending on where you go and who you speak with you, just know there is hope.

The choice is ours. Decisions, decisions, decisions. Those of us who tend to over analyse things in an effort to avoid making the wrong decision, will inevitably discover that indecisive people only go around in circles.

If you are waiting for things to be perfect, you’re always going to be waiting. Big change requires big and immediate action. Even with all the stress, a sound strategy will give you the confidence that you will make the right choice.

Gain clarity as to why you are having to make the decision in the first place - identify desired result, understand the options available, choices carry cost. What are the the relative costs ? Do you have a handle on all the factors and considerations that should be taken into account?

With the T&T Olympic Committee (TTOC) continuing to roll out programmes, decision-making and the process of decision require constant attention.

As an example when the TTOC proclaims it’s athlete centred, is the organisation sincere and prepared to honour its commitment? Is the culture and values of the organisation in sync with the objective of being athlete centred? Are decisions made displaying to all sundry that athlete centred matters?

Intellectual capacity is no protection against being wrong. I was reading recently a claim that 90 percent of all scientific knowledge has been accumulated over the lifetime of the generation born at the beginning of this century.

Science fiction is now science fact.

With the increase in knowledge the equation reads more knowledge equal the more ignorant we become. Each of us experience the increasing pressure for change. It is the individual that is the source of creativity that propels social evolution. It is also the level of consciousness of each of us that make up the level of consciousness of T&T society.

Social change begins with individual change. As the gloom descends there are many bright lights...those bright lights are we the people of T&T. The more we know the less we know. Investing in ourselves and each other will be a critical success factor. We may go about it in different ways and along different paths and at different times. It requires each of us to invest time, heart, caring and energy.

Knowledge can’t be separated from experience.

There is an old Chinese saying: I hear and I forget; I see and I remember; I do and I understand.

The ongoing commitment and determination to investing in, we the people, is an urgent priority. It’s why the TTOC can’t substitute its duty, obligation and responsibility to raise funding and to continue to invest in programmes that help people.

People first.

Sport leaders, who divorce themselves from the experience, will find themselves putting process, rules and regulations ahead of people.

EDITOR’S NOTE: Brian Lewis is the president of the TTOC. The views expressed are not necessarily those of the national Olympic committee.