Ambition by Jehue.  It was with a great measure of pride that I accepted an invitation to be present last Saturday when Jehue Gordon launched his signature cologne at Brian Lara’s house.

Jehue creating history as the first local based athlete to take the brave, bold and ambitious step.

It is not that previous generations of national sport stars have ignored the opportunity to leverage their brand. Launching your signature cologne is a major step forward. These are different times. Jehue is a difference maker.

It was a gorgeous evening with the panoramic view as a backdrop and  Lara's majestic home was the perfect setting. Jehue had the support of a number of his fellow national sportsmen and women. Dwayne Bravo, Keiron Pollard,this country’s first ever Olympic Gold medalist Hasely Crawford, former national cricket captain Daren Ganga were among the high profile personalities lending support.

Ambition by Jehue. I myself have a keen interest for signature colognes.  From the sample. I can say I will be adding Ambition by Jehue to my must have list. As I listened to Jehue I couldn't help but reflect on the reality that this may very well be the glass ceiling being shattered. I wish Jehue every success with his signature cologne.

For years sport and sportsmen and women have endured a torrid time simply because the rest of society do not take local sport seriously. They are more than happy to fawn over foreign sport practitioners filling their cupboards with numerous foreign memorabilia and merchandise. Anything foreign is almost guaranteed to flood the cash register to the delight of the business community.

Local is shunned never considered good enough. With the TTOC roll out of its branded merchandise and replicas on the verge of reality, the embrace by our sport stars of the value inherent in their respective brands augurs well for the commercial potential. The marketing and branding of T&T sport and sportsmen and women are now real.

Ambition by Jehue has broken the glass ceiling. I am so excited about Ambition by Jehue and might I add for all the right reasons.

The TTOC is focused on athlete centred welfare and programmes. And it is not only about their performance, it is also about building our athletes’ capacity and ability to successfully manage and build on their brands, in essence to be entrepreneurial and see the business side of sport.

While the older heads including administrators focus on fighting down governance reform based on their narrow and dated view of sport, those who grasp that we are in different times, generation and era are about creating a sustainable future on the basis of marketing and brand building.

It is about taking sport off the plantation and emancipating sport from economic bondage and dependency . Our athletes at the world and Olympic level are ready to burst loose on and off the field. Ambition by Jehue is a statement of intent. Critics will always criticise. Haters will always hate.

We have right here an abundance of talent and potential on and off the field. I keep telling anyone who will listen that it is time we shake ourselves free of the mental shackles that limit our achievements. We have to free our minds and be ambitious. Accept no limits and dare to believe impossible is nothing.

Lets go for Olympic gold and commercial and entrepreneurial gold. Dream Big. Go Brave.

•Brian Lewis is the president of the T&T Olympic Committee. The views expressed are not necessarily those of the Olympic Committee.
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