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London 2012


Rio 2016 Olympic Games LogoThe Organising Committee for the Rio 2016 Games unveiled its Olympic Games logo yesterday evening at an event held on the famous Copacabana beach.

International Olympic Committee president Jacques Rogge, Rio 2016 Organising Committee President Carlos Arthur Nuzman, Brazil's Minister of Sport Orlando Silva and Rio Mayor Eduardo Paes were present for the launch of the logo, which was designed by the agency Tátil, based in Rio de Janeiro.

The unveiling was also attended by millions of spectators who were on the beach to enjoy the annual end-of-year fireworks.

Tátil won the right to design the logo after a tough selection process that initially involved 139 bidding agencies. These were eventually whittled down to just eight agencies (four from Rio de Janeiro, two from São Paulo and two from Curitiba), who had their creative designs evaluated closely on the basis of brand originality, creativity and applicability.

The Rio 2016 Games will be the first Games to take place in South America.

Find out more about the new logo on the Rio 2016 website:

Hello, we’re the official London 2012 mascots: Wenlock, the Olympic mascot and Mandeville, the Paralympic mascot.

We were created from the last two drops of British steel used for the London 2012 Olympic Stadium. That’s why we’re so shiny, reflecting the people, places and things we meet along the way as we travel around the UK. You might see yourself reflected if we meet you!

We’ll be capturing everything we learn as we go – of course, we’re especially excited to find out about all the Olympic and Paralympic sports.

We’re really focused on our final destination – the Games in London in 2012! Hope to see you there!

Mandeville the Paralympic Mascot

Wenlock the Olympic Mascot





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