Trinidad and Tobago Olympic Committee President Brian Lewis has challenged sporting authorities to take child abuse in sport seriously.

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Gold Coast Commonwealth Games is over. It is now history.

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One thing for sure that we can all attest to is the high level of scrutiny and public scrutiny that public office holders have to face when they are elevated. Everyone will have a perspective and a point of view about why both are important. Social media has heightened such scrutiny with the average citizen who now has an avenue to express their opinion. It can be a mind bender.

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If you are passionate about sport, children and youth then you must attend two upcoming events, one tomorrow and the other scheduled for April 12, the Lex Sportiva—Beyond the Game—a sport law workshop to be hosted by the University of the West Indies, Faculty of Law, St Augustine Campus. The main facilitator for the sport law workshop will be Ian Blackshaw, an International Sports Lawyer, Contributing Editor of the International Sports Law Journal.

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Who laugh last laugh best. Who want to scoff and laugh go ahead. From where I sit the race is on. Those who allow fear to keep them rooted behind the starting line will not reap the benefits that come with rising above adversity.

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