A good governance commitment report will be presented at Saturday’s TT Olympic Committee (TTOC) virtual annual general meeting (AGM).

At its last AGM in 2015, an amendment was made where the membership and affiliates unanimously agreed to abide by a good governance commitment.

This amendment was made after good governance workshops facilitated by Dr Leigh Robinson, head of sport studies, University of Stirling, Scotland. This was a collaborative project between the TTOC and Olympic Solidarity.

Coming out of that process of consultation with all stakeholders including Sport Company of TT, Ministry of Sport and all the member affiliates of the TTOC, it was tabled at the 2015 AGM to make such an amendment.

TTOC president Brian Lewis said Thursday, “Part of that commitment included reporting and a commitment to review constitutions every four years. This is the first time that the report will be presented. It has taken at least four years but it’s an evolutionary step.

“But we believe that the issue surrounding governance in sport and the Olympic Movement requires that the TTOC implements the whole commitment that was made by its members. That is going to be an important aspect of the first virtual AGM.”

Additionally, Saturday’s virtual AGM will feature an amendment to strengthen the mediation and arbitration process of the TTOC.

Prior to the start of the meeting, another amendment to the constitution is expected to be moved to allow virtual council and AGMs.

Once successful, the AGM will be held at 9.30am. Among the items on the agenda are the presentation of the audited financial statements and the annual general report.

Lewis added, “It’s all about digitalisation and digitisation. The TTOC has accelerated its digitalisation and digitisation transformation. It all augurs well for the future. The TTOC will really be taking the whole digital virtual process extremely seriously. The intention is to transition the TTOC to a paperless operation.”