The T&T Olympic Committee (TTOC) continues its focus on athlete development with the staging of its Transitional Development

Programme tomorrow at Olympic House on Abercromby Street from 9 am - 3.30pm.

The one-day workshop will cater to around 30 national athletes, drawn from among potential Team TTO representatives for the upcoming Central American and Caribbean (CAC) Games, across various sporting disciplines. Rheeza Grant, TTOC Project Officer – Athlete Services & Programmes says five crucial areas will be covered: anti-doping, sports psychology, nutrition, branding and financial management.

“We met with each presenter and went through some of the challenges that not only we at the TTOC observed but it was the feedback we got from some national athletes as to the areas they struggle with. 

Coming closer to major games, some athletes struggle with mental toughness, so this will be a main part of the programme, but all of the areas go hand in hand,” said Grant. The workshop is just the latest in a stream of athlete-centred initiatives by the TTOC, geared towards supporting and educating Team TTO athletes in a variety of areas.

“We can’t stress how important nutrition is, especially if you are a working athlete; or an athlete that struggles with eating in general.

There are certain things you can do to help maintain your fitness levels. This kind of information is important,” said the national beach volleyball player.

A follow-up workshop is also planned for July 7 ahead of the CAC Games which runs from July 19 - August 3 in Colombia.

Download the Agenda pdf here (95 KB)