The Trinidad and Tobago Olympic Committee (TTOC) intends to be proactive and reach out to National Sport Organisations ,athletes and coaches to address the  injury situation negatively impacting Olympic sports in Trinidad and Tobago.
The TTOC earlier this year established  an Olympic  Sports Medicine and Injury Rehabilitation  Support Services Network(OSMIRSM) as part of its 10 or more Olympic Gold medals by year 2024 athlete welfare and preparation programme.
The objective of  the OSMIRSM is to prevent injuries occurring in the first place by facilitating  the correct preventative measures, and when injuries do happen to ensure a speedy recovery.
Accelerating progressive  rehabilitation is essential in elite and Olympic sport.
The TTOC believes that athlete centred medical services support includes efficiency from a medical expertise perspective,  communication and case management between the different areas of expertise.
Our athletes welfare short and long term are at risk there is a performance,social and economic cost .
Sports medicine ,rehabilitation and traumatology ,injury management and prevention and the process of recovery  require specific focus and organisation .
Sharing of knowledge and experiences will increase the quality of service to our athletes in particular those in the elite and Olympic level environment.
Its important to work with stakeholders to put in place appropriate strategies.

Brian Lewis