As Team TTO continues to prepare for the Olympics which begins on Friday August 5th at the Marcana Stadium in Brazil, fans at home will continue to see coverage of Team TTO in camp sporting the Team TTO kits in a range of colours.

Whilst the Team TTO Rio 2016 podium kits and ceremonial uniforms are symbolic of our national colours, the recreation and training gear are produced with greater colour and modern vibrancy for non-event use.

When questioned on Social Media about the reaction of the team to non-traditional colours in the team kit, sprinter Semoy Hackett said, "Breaking news. We all love it."

The Rio 2016 Team TTO Podium and Team Wear was designed and manufactured by long standing TTOC partner Adidas. The Team Wear process started in 2013, with prototype previews in 2014, before final approval and factory work for the collection in 2015. The Team TTO kits include wear for Travel, Training, Recreation, Olympic Village and the Opening and Closing Ceremonies.

TeamTTO is currently in Brazil for the pre-games training camp in Bragança Paulista, Sao Paulo. Our athletes have been greeted with the warmth and cultural appreciation by the Mayor and residents of Bragança.

Team TTO is on a focused and driven path forward, as the countdown to the start of the Rio Games enters the final week.
The days will soon turn into hours before our national team enters the Maracanã Stadium in Rio de Janeiro, for the first time and parades the national flag of Trinidad and Tobago before a global audience that is eagerly anticipating the spectacle of the Rio Games Opening Ceremony.