Training Programs - Point Fortin


Community coaches were recruited from the Borough of Point Fortin. Following coaches' training, these residents are expeced to effectively deliver sport and recreation programmes within Point Fortin for the benefit of the community. The training programmes were developed in collaboration with the NSOs for the purpose of teaching school children basic movement and sport specific skills.

Training for coaches is ongoing, with mentorship opportunities provided by select "master coaches" in the community. The intention is to create a sustainable and continuous process for coaching which will ultimately encourage sport development within the community.

At the end of the project, the TTOC envisions that opportunities for long term employment within the community will be available in the area of sport delivery and development.

Volunteer Training

When the programme started in October 2008, there were fifteen (15) volunteers. In September 2009, the number of volunteers increased to thirty (30) persons, all from Point Fortin. Training programmes at different levels were designed for the volunteers. Exclusive training included First Aid and CPR certification, "Play Tennis" training and basic Communication Skills training.

Selective training was given to volunteers who showed special interest in the sport. This included Level 1 Certification- Beginners in Swimming, Advanced Studies in Sport Therapy, International Certification in "Foundation of Gymnastics'' and an Aqua Aerobic Certification Course. General training techniques are often shared during the sessions.

The programme seeks to expand its training by introducing the Caribbean Coaching Certification Programme (CCCP) and a sport certification from the National Training Agency. The TTOC will alco be providing training in the areas of Sport Nutrition, Olympism and fundamentals that would be  helpful to coaches for their future development.

In addition to the development training, the programme offers a stipend to both coaches and volunteers of the programme.


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