In October 2008, the Trinidad and Tobago Olympic Committee partnered with one of the country's international liquified natural gas exporters, Atlantic LNG, to bring to the local community of Point Fortin a program that will not only lead them onto a path of a healthy lifestyle, but will also guide them well into developing a sustainable community.

The Shape the Community sport program targeted a structured sport and physical education system that can be effective in the lives of pre-schoolers, primary and secondary school children.

After a steady twenty-five (25) months of operation within the community, this pilot program extended well beyond the intitial phase of three(3) sports in ten (10) primary schools in the Point Fortin borough. The sport program has grown to now six (6) sports in a total of fourteen(14) primary and secondary schools.

About the Point Fortin Program

The venues chosen are in Point Fortin. Tennis is played at three venues: the Point Fortin Civic Centre, the Baby Lucas and Guapo Recreational Grounds. By waiving the fees for the use of these facilities, the Point Fortin Borough Corporation has shown its willingness to support the program.

Swimming takes place at the Point Fortin Community Swimming Pool in Egypt Village. This facility is managed jointly by the Young Men's Christian Association (YMCA) and the Point Borough Corporation. A small fee paid for the use of the facility. The present manager of the pool, Mrs. Shurla Lyons, has played a significant role in helping with the implementation of the program and the development of swimming in Point Fortin.

The Gymnastics program takes place at the South West Regional Indoor Facility and shares the same compound with the Community Swimming Pool. The facility is managed by the Ministry of Sport and Youth Affairs. A fee is paid for the use of the courts and training rooms, but the costs of storage of equipment and refreshments and use of the stands are waived.


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