Shape the Community Development Program

Shape the Community Development ProgramThis community based program is the most ambitious program that the TTOC has undertaken thus far, and is being developed with all stakeholders integrated into the process;

Members of the Community
National Sporting Organizations
Community Business Leaders

The philosophy here is that if we can train and educate residents from the local community to be the coaches and administrators of sport and recreation, then we will be creating a sustainable and continuous process for development, while at the same time providing opportunities for long-term employment within the community.

The NSO's would provide the intellect, through their national coaches, to train and educate the residents since they are best suited to teach rules, technical and tactical elements of their respective sports. They will be supported by the TTOC's education programs that are run continuously throughout the year.

With respect to participants from the communities who would qualify to become community sport leaders and coaches, the TTOC and the NSO will first access the pool of trained local residents from the following:

Physical Educators already active in schools
UWI and UTT Graduates
PTI Instructors trained by the Trinidad and Tobago Defence Force
National Sporting Organizations (NSO) Coaches and Administrators already resident in the community

The initial phase in Shaping the Community requires participation by the Community Business Leaders, as they will provide the "seed capital" to start the process by funding portionShape the Community Development Programs of the initial training and education programs for the residents.

Finally, the Government, through the Ministry of Sport and Youth Affairs and the Sport Company, ensures the sustainability factor by facilitating employment through its community development programs, after  the sport leaders and coaches have completed their training and have been certified in the relevant competencies by the NSOs and the TTOC.

In addition, it will also ensure that the appropriate facilities are eventually installed and maintained.

The program, now called the Shape the Community Sport Development Program, has been in the community of Point Fortin for the past 25 months in partnership with Atlantic LNG and the Point Fortin Community Council. The program has been extended in the communities of Mayaro and Trincity, with discussions already underway to start in other communities.



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