T&T Diabetes Alleviation Program

What is Diabetes?

Diabetes mellitus often simply referred to as diabetes, is a condition in which a person has a high blood sugar (glucose) level as a result of the body either not producing enough insulin, or because body cells do not properly respond to the insulin that is produced.

Diabetes was the second cause of death listed in Trinidad and Tobago, with a survey done in 2008 showing that an estimated 143,000 persons were diagnosed with diabetes aged 20 years or older.
In 2010, this figure could have possibly been doubled with statistics showing that 1 in every 3 persons walking around has the disorder and do not know it.

In keeping with the Olympic foundation values, and promoting a healthier lifestyle through physical activities, the TTOC has bridged an alliance with the Diabetes Association of Trinidad and Tobago (DATT) to form a national awareness and prevention campaign.


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