About Legacy

The Trinidad and Tobago Olympic Committee’s Legacy program aims to utilize sport to achieve long term gains on a much wider scale than just athlete development.  The focus is on the development of the individual, the community and eventually the nation as a whole.  We are committed to the belief that the true power of sport – through discipline, camaraderie, passion, joy and pride – can help in bringing about social change and development.  Sport is not just an end in itself, but also an effective tool to help improve the lives of children, families and communities.

To achieve this, the TTOC has developed several community based programs aimed at young children and the elderly, using structured sport and activity as a means of development.  Participation in the programs facilitates the development of life skills and social consciousness through the interaction of individuals and the dissemination of the Olympic values by the leaders of the program.

The Legacy program objectives are to:

Increase participation in sport, recreation and physical education across all age groups in communities,
Integrate sport into Physical Education programs in primary schools,
Increase Corporate involvement in the development of youth through sport,
Create sustainable employment opportunities in communities,
Expose youth to sport as an alternative to the negative lifestyles in society
Develop the body, mind and character of youth
To increase the reach of the TTOC’s and by extension, the IOC’s vision, philosophy and ideologies.



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