An official illustrated Olympic and Paralympic sticker album has been launched in another attempt to boost interest in Rio 2016 among the Brazilian population.

In a similar format to those which have been so successful ahead of FIFA World Cups and other major football tournaments, the 56-page album will consist of 374 stickers.

Most are of Brazilian athletes set to be competing at Rio 2016, although athletes from the past are also included, such as Los Angeles 1984 swimming silver medallist Ricardo Prado.

It has been produced in conjunction with Italian publishing group Panini.

More than a million copies will be sold across Brazil, it is hoped.

It was launched on Wednesday (25 May) at a ceremony attended by leading athletes, including those featuring in the book.

Among these was two-time world gymnastics champion Diego Hypolito.

"I came here straight from training," he said during the launch.

"I love collecting."

Others present included National Basketball Association (NBA) star Anderson Varejão, who plays Golden State Warriors.

"I have always collected stickers," he said.

"I can't wait to get my own sticker."

He features on the front cover along with women's football star Marta and Paralympic swimmer Daniel Dias.

Children were also present at the launch, with footballer Neymar cited as the most desired sticker to get.

The album also covers the story of the Games from their birth in Ancient Greece, through their revival at Athens 1896 and the start of the Paralympic Games at Rome 1960 up to the first Games to be held in South America in just over two months' time.

The album also includes a map and guide to the competition venues for Rio 2016.

It is due to be officially unveiled on Friday (June 3).